Raphael International's Hair Salon, Spa and beauty supply shop in Sterling Heights Mi.

 Award Winning stylist Raphael Isho is our Salon operator and lead stylist.

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Raphael  Salon

Raphael is an inspirational hair styling superstar, who has been operating his own salon since the Your web host Raphael Ishoage of 14. Strong on cutting, progressive in design, his work and inspiration is contagious. His unique concepts and surrealistic approach to hair design has marveled audiences and gained approval from his competition in major international hair competitions and his local piers. His latest accomplishments on hair styling competition generated 5 individual trophies in the 2006 International styling held this year in Germany. in Nov-2010 he be come Gold Medal winner for the OMC hair World championship ,it was the driving force in his endless quest to make women look their best using his hair artistry talents.Distintively different approach to hair styling and design

Raphael's first steps to success began as he cut hair at the age of 12. Two years later at the age 14 his unique business sense moved him on to owning and operating his own salon, and he has done so up to the present. Now that the new facility is opened all his dreams have come true as his whole life is dedicated to making a more beautiful you.!

Raphael's success is highly indebted to pure inspiration and creative in-sight. It took years of dedication to blend his artistic approach to styling with practical creative results. His competitive traits have challenged and brought him to the forefront of his field. These attributes, enhanced by an adept ability to style all types of hair with no preference to race, keeps him high in demand for demonstrative and educational presentations. -Truly a hair artist - with a design flair complemented by his dedication to enhancing the natural beauty of all he sees. His ability to be different is born out by repeat visits from satisfied students and clientele.

Our mission and history on hair styling techniques by Raphael International

ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Salon owner and fashion consultant  ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Member -Michigan Cosmetology Education Committee- National Cosmetology Assoc. ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Expert in local and International hair design workshops ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Creator of -evening style- basket weaves- fantasy styling- ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Original runway and "show Stopper" hair styles and gowns. ballrd.gif (351 bytes)Platform Artist and coordinator for local, national and International Hair Shows ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Guest on local, cable and National TV media shows ballrd.gif (351 bytes) Dynamic speaker and instructor ballrd.gif (351 bytes)

world champion gold medal winner Nov 2010 Paris


This web site was the vision of Raphael , who wishes not only to showcase here, his unique hair styling techniques, but also share with fellow professional cosmetologists some of his over 30+ years of experience. Raphaels' instructional DVDs on advanced styling covers both the "Fantasy hair" and "Evening styles for hair stylists seeking to take their skills to the next levels. These are full length step-by-step instructional video tapes for advanced styling techniques.

Take a hair design class from our new beauty school

                                   Learn how to do Fantasy and other advanced Hair Styles by buying any of these 6 instructional DVD's. Advance your hair styling skills and income potential with these step by step...

                                                                                                                                                      How To" DVD videos taught by International hair styling sensation Raphael.

......everything for a more beautiful and healthy you


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Raphael Salon 


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Hair design classes at The Antoine & Raphael Beauty Academy

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