Hair Stles by Raphael Isho... master stylist

Raphael International's Hair Salon, Spa and beauty supply shop in Sterling Heights Mi.

 Award Winning stylist Raphael Isho is our Salon operator and lead stylist.


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Dramatic hair style makeovers

Take a look at some recent transformations created by our hair design and cosmetology staff members. You too can look great with a complete makeover by Raphael! Get your nails done, facials, Professional makeup applies and even a pedicure from our expert staff.

The after shot with a new lookTransforming a blah hair style into something more dramatic

A real hair designer has to master the art of enhancing a subjects natural beauty by creating a style that complements her features.


Click here to see the makeover on this clientGet the  everyday look that shows off your best features

Often tips on makeup applications, fashions and accessories, nail care, all play a roll in beauty makeovers. Visiting with clients and staff members at your local salon starts the process. Raphael International always puts forth their staffs best creative efforts when sizing up a new customer ..seeking to enhance their total look.

Enthic hair presents a real to see makeoverSame girl with a makeover


 fashionable hair styling curls and highlighting Raphael International hair stying in Metro Detroit features new curling techniques

New: Post your own hair style photos in our FREE photo gallery to share with friends...and get discovered...SEE Raphael's Photo Hair here to view. Just want to add your photo? Login with user name "raphaelinternational" and a password of "international" and follow simple directions to add your own hair style photos.

Take a guided tour of our site.. Fantasy Hair Styles.. Signup for hair designing and cosmetology classes.

Raphael International Salon and Spa is located in Sterling Heights Michigan and is open 7 days a week.

Our Salon & Spa offers the following hair and beauty services:


Our Bridal hair styles and dresses are second to none

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Raphael Isho and some of his models featured in the Evening Plus magazine series.


  • Fantasy styles for a dramatic look..  
  • Evening  Avant Garde' Styles for parties & weddings and formal gatherings.
  • "After Five PM" elegance for special nights out for Movie & music stare and runway models!
  • Blending Fashion-Styling and Art into "Show stoppers" that put you on the modeling "Runway" .
  • Basket Weaving and fantasy hair braiding.
  • Step by step instructional video tapes on creating "Fantasy -After5 - Basket "Weaving" hair pieces and formal Hair Styles for beginner and advanced hair styling students.
  •  These show Raphael in action doing advanced styling techniques that have won him worldwide acclaim.
  • Raphael International .. is hiring stylists, booth operators or seeking nail, makeup and pedicure specialists for our Salon.


Raphael International Salon and Spa in Sterling Heights Michigan accepts walk-in clients.

Raphael International Salon.

Phone # 1-586-977-9991
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