Welcome to Raphael International's Hair Salon, Spa and beauty supply shop in Sterling Heights Mi.

 Welcome to Raphael International Salon and Spa in Sterling Heights Michigan


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newest hair styles from brides by Raphael Ishospacer.gif (43 bytes) We specialize in making self services home air testing kits
Photo gallery of the newest hair styles for women.

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Modern hair styles by Raphael


This comprehensive collection of advanced and casual hair styles is designed to inspire professional hair dressers and salon owners in the art of cosmetology.  imagination, hair magic, and International award winning talents of  Raphael .

Raphael Isho and some of his models featured in the Evening Plus magazine series.

Exciting new styles and directions.. in our redesigned -expanded web site. Raphael International is taking you into the 21st century and future of hair creations... Take a look & discover a new you from these pages!
  • Fantasy styles                      for a dramatic look..  
  • Evening  Avant Garde'       Styles for parties & weddings and formal gatherings.
  • "After Five                           elegance for special nights out for Movie & music stare and runway models!
  • Blending Fashion-Styling and Art into "Show stoppers" that put you on the modeling "Runway" .
  • Basket Weaving                 and fantasy hair braiding.Step by step hair design video instructions
  • Step by step instructional video tapes on creating "Fantasy -After5 - Basket "Weaving" hair pieces and formal Hair Styles for beginner and advanced hair styling students. These show Raphael  in action doing advanced styling techniques that have won him worldwide acclaim.
  • Raphael International ..

Take a guided tour of our site. Take a look at Raphael's "After5" dressy hairstyles

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Our mission and history on hair styling techniques by Raphael International

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Let our Award Winning Stylists give you a Cut & Style prized by real Movie stars.

Fantasy hair styles for Runway models showcase the talents of hair stylist Raphael Isho The bride and her bridesmaids all get a great hair style at Raphael International

Fantasy and Runway model or Bridal hair styles require the talents of the stylists working at Raphael International Salon & Spa.

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Salon owner Raphael has won hair stylist awards worldwide over the last 30 years.

Uplift hair styles for those special events.wed_happy.jpg (16306 bytes)New shorter precision cut styles now displayed at Raphael International.com

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Raphael International Salon.

Phone # 1 (248) 207-1880


Our stylists can do any ethnic hair styles you can think off...

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Take a guided tour of our site..Take a look at Raphael's "After5" dressy hairstyles

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