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 Avant Garde Hair styles for casual lifestyles and after hours activities.

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 Raphael International stylists.

The look of "Casual Elegance" for any and all evening out occasions!

Avant Garde" hair styles for special eventsWeddings, television appearances, special events, graduations, proms, or company parties, all demand your client's hair look it's best. These are times when you want a special hair style to make a fashion statement setting you or your clientele apart from the crowd. Raphael's DVDs instruction series covers these evening and special occasion styles with detailed "Step by Step" techniques for creating the perfect hair design to match the event.   Click on smaller images to enlargeClick on images to enlarge .

Barretts set off this evening hair style   Wedding Hair Styles for the Bride and Bridesmaids.   Elegant hair styles that begs to get noticed.   The classic beautiful hair cut always works

Hair finishing requires a lot of training           Add colorful streaks to your hair to create dramatic effects.       Curls and wringlets set off this hair style


wedding bells are profitablespecial occassion hair stylesAvant Garde' evening styles are at the cutting edge of  hair designs. These styles are normally reserved for longer hair and blend curls with uplifts. Creating a manageable and dramatic new look is what your clients expect and Raphael International delivers some impressive results. These special event cuts and perms can assure your salon of a continuous source of revenue by mastering these techniques from Raphael's video hair styling series. Nothing is more rewarding for the professional stylist than the reflected image of a perfect hair-do. Getting admiring looks are fine, but do you really know how to create that "drop em' dead in their tracks" style that- transcends the moment... Transforms the client...and makes the  event into a life changing experience.

The Avant Garde' Uplift styles for evening wear. Hair should compliment your facial features to bring out your hidden beauty. Raphael creates special styles for entertainers 0398cova.jpg (5233 bytes)

Casual eligence in a unique ponytail with side curls Hair Pieces emphasize the hair designs for quick day to evening changes in looks. Our hair sprays and shampoos create a fuller hair look. Enthic hair styles with coloring and straightning techniques.

If you have had your hair done by Raphael at the "La Belle Salon", or in his new shop in Sterling Heights Michigan you can post your finished style in our customer photo gallery. Pamper your self with the complete makeover magic at this fine with a staff that is second to none. Call for an appointment or just stop on by and get a all new look for yourself. Raphael's Photo Hair Gallery..click here

 backview of this dramatic hair style Mixing braiding with a pullback hair style hc17a.jpg (3542 bytes) Longer hair needs to be shaped and curled for a evening out look.

Purchase Evening -Prom -Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses online or in our Bridal Botique at the Sterling Heights Raphael Salon & Spa facilities.
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hair styles for curly hair 1199101a.jpg (3957 bytes) Classic hair bobs and dramatic short cuts with coloring hair cuts that can be used day or night.

Continue the guided tour..Fantasy Styles-Take a look at Raphael's "Fastasy" hair styles for runway and fashion magazine modeling

a touch of classic hair stylingWe specialize in wedding hair styles for the whole wedding group.  Curls set style for this view

Evening Styles Vol #6                                        Raphael step by step on DVDs teach you how to make a lasting impression ,

                                              "World of Fantasy"  Order the complete DVDs step by step hair styling order

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Continue the guided tour..Fantasy Styles-Take a look at Raphael's "Fastasy" hair styles for runway and fashion magazine modeling

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