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Photo gallery of the newest hair styles for women.

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Modern After 5 hair styles award winning stylist Raphael

Raphael's talent really shines when viewing his "After5" hair styles.

Special hair styles for ladies on the town for dinner and whatever...


Video-"Evening Style" Vol. 6- masters the "After 5" look that will turn heads and make you the star at the next party or that special occasion that requires evening wear !

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Easy -elegant hair styles start with the perfect cut. Raphael International's educational videos, coupled with a "hands-on" seminar for -precision- trendy- finishing- cutting theory. Polish up your skills in creative hair design by signing up now !!

Nothing reinforces your commitment to your chosen profession more than seeing the admiring  looks reflect off your client like a mirror. Invest in taking your hair skills to the next level with a Raphael styling course. 

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Formal looks in a short hair cutAll nationalities and ethnic hair styles are done by Raphael International stylistsLong Hair Styles for African Americans059830a.jpg (3090 bytes)


bggr23a.jpg (4490 bytes)Build a steady clientel for Raphael's styling techniquesdifferent style same clientCurls always are in style

Fantasy video #6  " see Vol. 6  "After 5 -Evening Style" professional training video -$ $45.00 ea.

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See products and services page for special combo offers.  Also get the information on Raphael's hands on workshop . Learn from the master, who can teach you how too leverage this skill, for all races and hair types. Raphael attend many International hair styling competitions to showcase his talents amongst his piers. Some images here can be enlarged and printed out to suggest a style or technique to show your local stylist. Be sure to bookmark this site as we add more photos -styles and interactive features.

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Lovely curlsLearn the different hair design styes shown here by video instruction tapesBuy our Vol #6 videoIs this the hair style your looking for?


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Hair training tapes -full series 250.00

see Vol. 6  "After 5 -Evening Style" professional training video -$45.00 ea for complete instructions on advanced hair styling by Raphael....


The disheaveled look with short hair is popularAn elligent hair cut makes all the difference 


New: Post your own hair style photos in our FREE photo gallery to share with friends...and get discovered...SEE Raphael's Photo Hair Gallery..to view. Just want to add your photo? Login with user name "raphaelinternational" and a password of "international" and follow simple directions to add your own hair style photos.

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