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 Award Winning stylist Raphael Isho is our Salon operator and lead stylist.


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Fantasy Series  Vol#1
Vol #1

Fantasy Series #2
Vol. #2

Fantasy Vol #3
Vol. #3

Fantasy Volume # 4
Vol. #4

Basket Weaving-Braiding #5
Vol. #5

Evening Avant Garde'
Vol. #6

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Advanced hair styl;ing videos by Raphael Isho

Complete instructional video tapes on advance hair styling techniques by master stylist -Raphael .

Buy all six hair styling  DVDs and save.

"World of Fantasy" Vol # 1-2-3-&- 4 now in DVD format for $39 each


Fantasy Hair styles for Runway models are a hit at all fashion shows

Video training series...Volume #2 on sale for $39,95 not $49.95

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Volume #2 covers the following subjects and techniques educational DVD :


How to create "Flower Petal" hair pieces for fantasy "runway modeling".


This step-by-step DVD shows how to integrate the add-on hair pieces into the models natural hair so it blends with the total look.


 Order it now using our shopping cart !!hair styling  instructional video tapes are now onsaleclick click here to order a Raphael Isho hair designing video tapes.

call Raphael International (1 (248) 207-1880) or e-maile-mail sales requests here your video request with your phone # and best time to call to explain the video tape contents. 

Raphael International offers  DVDs to those interested in expanding their cosmetology skills.

You may use the Web ordering form or just call us on our toll free number to place your order.

These limited edition DVDs are in full color with narrations by Raphael and contain actual step by step guides

to these highly skilled hair design techniques.

 We accept most all major credit cards, and will ship the product by UPS, Fed X or US Mail -parcel post,

on the same day that the order is received and card has been approved. 

Click video cover images on left for Previews of the video tape contents in each series.

Raphael's Instructional Hair Styling DVDs are now being ordered and  shipped . Call Raphael at (586) 977-9991

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Video Title




"Fantasy" Vol. 1-4 Start to finish- How to do fantasy hair styles and build various "Fantasy Hair pieces" 4 part series $39.95 ea.
"Basket Weaving and Braiding" Vol.  5 A Creative new direction in advanced hair designing and fashion statements. Also covers making head bands, accessories, and originals. $49.95 ea.
"Evening Style" Vol.  6 Master an "After five" look that will make you a star where ever you go. Explores a look for Weddings and Special events requiring a new look ! $35.00 ea.
Grand Opening specialLimited special full set
series 1-6

Get all 6 DVDs or  videos) for only

order now & save some money!!

$195.00 for full set of 6

Order it now using our shopping cart !!hair styling  instructional video tapes are now onsaleclick click here to order a Raphael Isho hair designing video tapes.

Take a look at all of Raphael International hair style categories below.


Exciting new styles and directions. in our redesigned -expanded web site. Raphael International is taking you into the 21st century and future of hair creations...

Raphael International Salon and Spa in Sterling Heights Michigan accepts walk-in clients.

Raphael International Salon.

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Our mission and history on hair styling techniques by Raphael International

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